Forepl y

Ft. Baby Nat, Ronni Berco, Amob, roo
Shirak Tatosian, Bobby shaw

Kassra Mobini better known by his stage name “Káss” is a self taught producer, singer, songwriter.  Born in Tehran, Iran on December 6, 1987, second son of three to Persian parents, mother a Dentist and father an Engineer.  Coming from an academically advanced family, Káss was always geared towards his education, leading him to complete a Masters degree in Pharmacy at the renowned UCL School of Pharmacy in London, UK.  To date, he is a licensed and practicing Pharmacist. Despite his success as a Pharmacist, Káss’ passion towards music has driven him to many late night sessions at the studio, leaving him feeling with emptiness unless he followed and fulfilled his lifelong passion for music.  He lives his life by the slogan “we only get to live one life” thus believes life is too short not to pursue your dreams and your passion.




noun: foreplay


1. Sexual activity that precedes intercourse.

2. action or behaviour that precedes an event.

3. A stimulating and satisfying act that comes as an initiation, leading up to the main act.

4. a taste of whats coming . . .